Hi I’m Katy,
I’m an illustrator living in Pembrokeshire and I’ve been working on various projects as a freelancer for the last 6 years.

Recently I have found myself illustrating greetings cards (both faith based and not) and through these projects have been exploring the relationship between faith and creativity. I want my artwork to tell interesting stories whilst also being deep and meaningful pieces in their own right.

I’m always at my happiest when creating artwork. I love working with clients to bring their ideas to life, I seek to build strong relationships with those I work with so that we can enjoy the creative process together and ensure the end result meets their high expectations.

I’m always looking for new and exciting projects to explore my skills and push creativity to its limits. Although this portfolio focuses on gouache, digital and watercolour illustration, I continue to develop my skills in oil paint and a variety of crafty projects. If you want to know what I’m currently working on, and to keep up to date with the wide range of creative stuff I get up to, you can find me on Instagram.

Below are some of the projects I’ve worked on in the past few years.

Thinking About Commissioning Me?

Here are some of my favourite commissions to date. If you would like to discuss commissioning me please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Come To The Zoo

Come to the Zoo is a childrens poetry book I worked on. This project was a personal commission where I worked closely with the author to produce illustrations which reflected her vision. Like many authors this book was very close to their heart and it was important that we worked closely to create something that felt cohesive and engaging. Since completing the project the book has gone back to the author and they intend to self publish at a later date.

Greeting Cards

Here you can see a small selection of cards that I’ve designed and had printed for different clients. Sometimes I work from a phrase or verse, other times I work with a generic theme. I create my cards using both digital and traditional artwork, depending on what feels right.

Speak Life Posters

Possibly one of my favourite commissions. Here I worked with Speak Life to create a set of posters to decorate the set of their weekly podcast called Speakeasy. I worked closely with the team to create a vision for the posters. There were some things which they definitely wanted included such as the phrase “Love Jesus, Share Jesus” but I was also given a lot of freedom in other aspects. Whilst I was only commissioned for one poster, which would be included on their set, they liked a number of the designs I gave them and and so we ended up creating four posters. When the brief is quite open I always like to give people varied options and am always happy to discuss adjusting the scope of a project as we go. This was a very fun project. If you would like to see what the Speak Life team are up to I have linked them below.

Individual Illustrations

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Here is a selection of images that have been created for a variety of clients. Each one started as a unique idea, sometimes these were very specific, down to exact framing and poses, others started as a more general theme and expectation for the artwork. Working with the client we together feel our way through sketches and concepts making revisions until we have a final design. I’m often sent photos of subjects to be included in these commissions and this is often a key aspect of the process and I seek to create a good likeness of people or pets. Sometimes these commissions are printed out and given as gifts, other times people use them as profile pictures online.


I worked With Speak Life on a number of their productions last year, whilst I was involved on set for the filming of this short, I also worked on the promotion for the film. We decided to create parodies of classic posters focusing on the theme of their short film. The short is focused on an elderly lady who is being terrorised by a mouse. you can watch the short here.

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

If you would like a copy of my CV please see below